Professional Jeweler Archive: Canadian Pedigree

December 2004


Canadian Pedigree

Vandan Associates offers reassurance on provenance

Vandan Associates Inc., the Canadian arm of JB & Bros., introduces Yaelstar Canadian Diamonds. The diamonds come with two certifications that promote their Canadian origin. Vandan and Yaelstar are members of a Canadian government program called Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct. They adhere to its rules, which are approved by Canadian Competition Bureau.

JB & Bros. Group, an Indian diamond manufacturer, buys rough from Canadian clients of the Diamond Trading Co. and cuts and polishes the stones in India. Each Canadian diamond is tracked from purchase until arrival at Vandan in Toronto. There, the girdle is laser-inscribed with the Yaelstar Canada diamond logo. An ID number is registered guaranteeing its Canadian origin. The company also provides a grading certificate that includes an ID card with information about the diamond’s characteristics and a copy of its girdle inscription.

  • Vandan Associates and Yaelstar Canada, Toronto, Canada; (416) 499-5005,
  • Yaelstar Inc., Los Angeles, CA; (213) 489-3020,
Yaelstar’s certificate, along with the European Gemological Laboratory ID card.

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