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December 2004

Diamonds/New Products

Sparkling Embrace

From slim and sophisticated to funky and chunky, diamond bracelets suit any style

Diamond bracelets add sparkle and send a message. “Just seeing a diamond bracelet on someone’s wrist says she belongs to a group, she has status,” says Ellie Thompson, designer/owner of Ellie Thompson, Chicago, IL. “Bangles, large links, classic hybrids are all very popular. Also, this is a great time to suggest your customers wear multiples of different styles and metals.”

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

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Ellie Thompson, designer/owner of Ellie Thompson, Chicago, IL, offers some suggestions for selling diamond bracelets:

Metal Mania. Consumers love classics such as line bracelets in timeless and versatile white metals. Eighteen-karat yellow gold and rose gold are fashionable.

Shape up. For a classic line bracelet, most women want round or princess-cut diamonds. In more design-intensive bracelets, round melee is a perfect fit because it helps to define shape and space.

Style Cycle. Delicate looks are classic, but customers who already own a bracelet with small diamonds look for bolder diamonds and more metal design.

Show Off. Group bracelets by designer or style so customers see the greater vision. But remember someone focusing on design-intensive pieces wants to see the collection, while status buyers look for size.


From the Amy Levine Everyday Line, this diamond bracelet has 1.59 carats of round and princess-cut diamonds. Suggested retail, $5,940.

Amy Levine for M. Geller Ltd., Chicago, IL; (800) mgeller,

Platinum bracelet with 12.27 carats of radiant-cut diamonds is $33,000 suggested retail. Platinum bracelet with 14.72 carats of princess-cut diamonds set in two rows is $27,000.

William Levine Fine Jewels, Chicago, IL; (800) LEVINES, fax (312) 580-7470.

Platinum bracelet with 1.84 carats of VS diamonds is $15,000 suggested retail.

Cede, Dallas, TX; (972) 713-9927, fax (972) 713-9928,,

Fourteen-karat gold bracelet with 3.62 carats of bezel-set round diamonds is $4,500 suggested retail. Fourteen-karat white gold bracelet with 3.73 carats of round diamonds and 2.40 carats of baguette diamonds is $8,100.

Paragon Gem Designs, New York City; (800) 435-8848, fax (212) 391-6712.

Fourteen-karat gold bracelet with 5 carats of diamonds is $5,850 suggested retail.

Sidney Schlusselberg Co., El Paso, TX; (800) 351-0099 or (915) 532-7466, fax (915) 533-4848.

Eighteen-karat gold Time and Space bracelet with 0.60 carat of diamonds is $5,400 suggested retail.

Ellie Thompson, Chicago, IL; (312) 263-2264.

Eighteen-karat white gold bracelet with 2.88 carats of diamonds is $4,820 suggested retail.

Armand Jacoby, Philadelphia, PA; (800) 355-1111, fax (215) 922-3385.

Eighteen-karat white gold bracelet is set with 2.29 carats of fancy natural color diamonds and 4.45 carats of white diamonds. Suggested retail, $19,500.

King Plutarco Inc., Los Angeles, CA; (213) 624-3077, fax (213) 624-3368.

Barocut™ bracelet with 20.64 carats of F-G/VVS-VS diamonds is $103,200 suggested retail.

Baroka Creations Inc., New York City; (888) 768-0527, fax (212) 869-1553.

Platinum bracelet with 6.95 carats of full-cut diamonds is $25,800 suggested retail.

Suna Bros Inc., New York City; (800) 456-7862, fax (212) 869-5922.

Platinum bracelet with 9.61 carats of bezel-set round diamonds is $54,000 suggested retail.

Oscar Heyman & Bros., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612.

From the Guy Beard collection, this 14k gold cable bracelet with 1.20 carats of diamonds and a mariner’s clasp with a 0.33-ct. blue sapphire is $5,039 suggested retail.

The Touch, Waltham, MA; (800) 556-0041 or (781) 894-8133, fax (781) 894-7821.

Eighteen-karat white gold bracelet with 3.44 carats of diamonds is $6,570 suggested retail.

Caressa, Long Island City, New York; (800) 706-8989
or (718) 391-9183, fax (718) 391-9184.

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