Professional Jeweler Archive: It's Quiz Time!

January 2004

For Your Staff

It's Quiz Time!

OK, kids, it's time to put your thinking caps on. All information was culled from the pages of this issue of Professional Jeweler

1. Polished diamond prices will soon rise because:

A. Demand is growing.
B. De Beers has sold down its stockpile.
C. There are few new mining sources.
D. De Beers is keeping all its diamonds for its new retail stores.

2. Gems & Gemology reported graphite is not the cause of color in dark gray and black diamonds from Siberia, as previously thought. What minerals do cause the color?

A. Magnetite.
B. Coal.
C. Hematite.
D. Iron.

3. Sapphire is Professional Jeweler’s Gem of the Year because:

A. Supply is strong and prices are attractive.
B. There’s a palette of beautiful colors.
C. The U.S. has a trading deal with Madagascar.
D. Treatment issues have kept them in the news.

4. A new gem was discovered in Canada, a member of the gem species:

A. Beryl.
B. Corundum.
C. Quartz.
D. Chrysoberyl.

5. There are two basic shapes of Mother and Child® jewelry licensed by Janel Russell. They are:

A. Hearts and arrows.
B. Hearts and ovals.
C. Diamonds and spades.
D. Rounds and squares.

6. For which automobile company will Breitling create a complication in 2004?

A. Jaguar.
B. Jeep.
C. Kia.
D. Bentley.

7. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new eight-day mechanical movement, Calibre 875, is made with how many pieces?

A. 145.
B. 200.
C. 278.
D. 306.

8. Two “chips” visible on the back of a new watch by Philip Stein are called:

A. Microchips.
B. Potato chips.
C. Teslar chips.
D. Cow chips.

9. How many times does a consumer need to see an ad before he or she begins to absorb the message?

A. 36.
B. 365.
C. 3.
D. 12.

10. The USA Patriot Act requires jewelers to:

A. Dress up like Paul Revere and shout “The British are coming!”
B. Put in place an anti-money laundering program.
C. Contribute to a Sept. 11 fund.
D. Send donations to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

1-A, B & C
2-A, C, & D
3-A, B & D
4-A; 5-B

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