Professional Jeweler Archive: Latest Trends from the JCK Show

July 2004

Trend Spotting

Latest Trends from the JCK Show

Color continues to rule in gems and metals; diamonds decommoditize

Smart jewelers heeded the call to color at the JCK Show in Las Vegas in June by stocking up on a dazzling array of gemstone jewelry in multicolored metals. Though diamonds remain the centerpiece of many jewelers’ businesses, relentless and cutthroat competition from the Internet and other mass merchants selling loose diamonds and basic diamond jewelry is causing many jewelers to consider color as a bright alternative.


Diamond jewelry now often features unusually shaped stones and antique-inspired or original designs that are hard to commoditize. Colored diamonds – in natural, treated or synthetic versions – remain hot for the same reason. Princess, pear, Asscher and cushion cuts are growing in popularity, with micropavé diamonds as fashionable accents. Eternity bands and three-stone rings have found their way into many suppliers’ lines, thanks in part to the Diamond Trading Co.’s planned Fall 2004 marketing campaign to promote the anniversary occasion.

Colored Gems

Pink is still red hot, but waves of blue and green with complementary oranges and yellows are making inroads. Pearls of all colors continue to sell well, as do opaque, translucent and iridescent gems. Unique cuts, cabochons, briolettes and teardrops or pear cuts are the shapes of choice.


Metals remain colorful too, but not as two-tone yellow and white styles. These combinations seem dated for the more fashion-forward customer. Most of the time now, white, yellow and rose colored metal hold their own as single-color looks.


The muse for all these styles, according to trend consultant Paula Peterson of Crown Luxury, is the goddess, who has been reigning as a fashion inspiration for more than a year. She’s also responsible for the colors-of-the-sea look, as well as earrings with teardrop or briolette dangles, lacy styles, richer golds, granulation and filigree.

Her fellow muse is Jackie Kennedy Onassis and other icons of the 1960s, whose breezy Isle of Capri lifestyle seems to suit women these days. This means anything circular holds sway, including hoops and links. So do symbols, charms and enamel. Look also for cuffs, brooches, ear clips and multiple chains to stay popular.

– by Peggy Jo Donahue, Lorraine O’Donnell and Robert Weldon, G.G.

Colors of the Sea

Jewelry by Tamara Comolli/KWM Exclusives, Miami Beach, FL; (305) 534-0000.

Beyond Two-Tone

Pink, yellow and white gold rings by Caressa, Design Works Jewelry Group, Long Island City, NY; (800) 458-4300.

Anniversary Rings & Romantic Style

Bridal and eternity rings by Caressa, Design Works Jewelry Group, Long Island City, NY; (800) 458-4300.

Pink, Yellow and Orange

Bracelet by Tamara Comolli/KWM Exclusives, Miami Beach, FL; (305) 534-0000.

Goddess Looks

Rings and earrings by Zaffiro, Portland, OR; (503) 236-6735.

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