Professional Jeweler Archive: Origin Matters

June 2004


Origin Matters

Canadia's new ad campaign informs retailers and consumers where the company's diamonds were born

As the brand name for these Canadian diamonds suggests, Canadia™ takes the question of origin seriously. Recent Canadia trade ads directed at retailers ask the question: “Do you know your diamond’s biological parents?”

The question arises, does origin matter? An increasing number of consumers say “yes.” They want to know where their diamonds come from – often that desire is tied to their idea of luxury. “Look at any luxury product, and origin is almost always part of the product’s mystique, as in fine wines from France and sports cars from Germany,” says Oren Sofer of Tri-Star Worldwide, New York City, which promotes the Canadia brand. “Knowing origin gives consumers a sense of confidence and a pedigree for their product.”

Know Why & Where

Retailers need to understand exactly why origin is important, says Sofer. Among his reasons: Kimberley Process issues and conflict diamond topics, widely covered in the trade and consumer press, are far from being resolved. The Diamond Trading Co.’s Supplier of Choice policy also changed the way diamonds are marketed, as has the anonymity of Internet sales.

Sofer predicts the next six months will bring even more dramatic upheavals, particularly as more synthetic and treated diamonds enter the market and because of recurring conflict diamond issues. “Retailers need to understand their customers will require more and more information about the diamonds they are buying,” he says. “I feel very strongly that within three to five years, retailers will have to sell diamonds with origin reports.”

Each Canadia diamond comes with a certificate issued by the government of the Northwest Territories and is laser-inscribed with a serial number and name. These numbers are traceable and can be confirmed by the Canadian government. “There is a lot we can sell about Canada itself: the pureness of the Arctic, the adventure and mystique, the Northern Lights,” he says. “We know it appeals to those who are environmentally conscious,” says Sofer, because Canadian diamond miners take care of the environment. We also know Canadians bend over backward to be socially responsible.”

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

A Canadia diamonds ad aimed at consumers highlights the brand’s certificate of authenticity, which guarantees the gems are natural and from Canada, a non-conflict country that follows strict social, environmental and labor practices.

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