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June 2004

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Virtual Showcase

What retailers need to reach the next level

Malakan Diamond Co. introduces the Virtual Showcase, a package of products with features designed to revolutionize the way retail jewelers conduct business. The concept is based on increasing sales and operational efficiency in a novel and cutting-edge way.

Virtual Showcase provides a round-the-clock advertising medium by featuring continual shows of Malakan jewelry on a 42-in. plasma screen in your store. The software program stores up to 80,000 items, each one digitally mastered with a tasteful backdrop. The program categorizes each piece of jewelry with reference stock numbers for efficient ordering and reordering by participating jewelers.

Malakan also designed a Web site that displays a large selection of fine jewelry. Images of selected items can be e-mailed to prospective customers for their review.

“We are very excited about Virtual Showcase,” says President Nader Malakan. “Although this product has not yet been formally unveiled to the jewelry industry, the response from local jewelers who have purchased or seen the product in action has been overwhelmingly positive.” Retailers who have the system say customers become mesmerized watching the screen and often stop by at night when it’s in a store window.

The system – including the 42-in. plasma screen and software – is free with a purchase of $100,000 or more. The Virtual Showcase will be introduced formally at a preshow event at the Venetian Hotel before the JCK-Las Vegas Show and will be demonstrated during the show.

  • Malakan Diamond Co., Fresno, CA; (800) 953-9357.

– by Lorraine O’Donnell

An example of jewelry images on the plasma screen.

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