Professional Jeweler Archive: Kassoy Introduces New Sarin Machine

March 2004


Kassoy Introduces New Sarin Machine

Brilliant Eye can now measure most facets and angles on almost any shaped stone

Kassoy, a distributor of jewelers’ tools and supplies, now offers a new version of the Sarin Brilliant Eye computerized diamond proportion grading system. Manufactured in Israel by Sarin Technologies, the new Brilliant Eye features improved optics, says the company.

Its high-resolution video camera measures and evaluates round stones from 0.35 to 5 carats and fancy stones up to 11mm. Most angles and facets can be measured on virtually any shape of stone, says Kassoy.

The DiaVision software used with Brilliant Eye has an intuitive graphic interface Kassoy says makes it easy to take measurements, generate three-dimensional images and produce customized reports and labels. The software includes the latest standards of major gem grading labs.

The Standard Edition of DiaVision produces 3-D views showing diamond proportions with top, side and bottom views. The Professional Edition displays an accurate, rotatable

3-D view of the stone, adds a recut feature and can export data to the Sarin DiaExpert for cutting and marking rough.

A Photorealistic View module allows the user to assess a diamond’s actual light performance with an on-screen reconstructed view of how it would look under optimal illumination. The Photorealistic View module works with the Standard and the Professional Editions of DiaVision software.

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