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March 2004

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Revere Academy Celebrates 25th Anniversary

San Francisco school inspires many careers

The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts celebrates its 25th anniversary on April 1. “After returning from my training in Germany, I found there was a need for professional jewelry skills here,” says founder and master goldsmith Alan Revere. “Local bench jewelers began to ask if I would teach them. I knew there was a need and I thought I could fill it.” What began as a single private class evolved into an internationally recognized training facility for jewelers, offering dozens of classes and diploma programs.

Revere Academy classes are taught by working professional jewelers, including Revere himself, who has also won international awards for his designs and written several books on jewelry. Each instructor teaches his or her area of greatest skill.

Over the years many nationally known jewelers have taught at Revere. Michael Good, Charles Lewton-Brain, Jean Stark and Doug Zaruba, for example, have been frequent guest instructors in the academy’s annual Master’s Symposium. German master gem designer Bernd Munsteiner taught his only class in lapidary techniques at Revere. Many academy graduates have gone on to make their marks in the industry. Donna Shimazu, for example, became the first woman in the U.S. and the first member of the Hawaii Jewelers of America to become a JA certified master bench jeweler. Revere graduates also have won prizes in major contests, including the American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards™ and De Beers competitions.

“I was fortunate as a young wannabe jeweler to discover the Revere Academy at its infancy,” says Catherine Hylands, a Revere student from 1983-1986 who has been on the faculty since 2000. Hylands won the American Jewelry Design Council’s 2003 New Talent award and a 2003 Niche award from Niche magazine, a publication of the Rosen Group, which sponsors the Buyers Market of American Craft.

The academy’s fully equipped studios feature live video blow-ups so students can see every detail of the instructors’ demonstrations. It offers three diploma programs and also prepares students for JA Certification® exams. The Jewelry Technician Intensive is a diploma program that offers a full-time format for complete immersion in jewelry. This two-month course teaches participants the essential skills and confidence to succeed as a bench jeweler.

For those with greater career expectations, the Graduate Jeweler Diploma Program is a complete training experience in jewelry. It includes everything covered in the Jewelry Technician course plus skills in platinum fabrication, channel setting, wax work, mold making, rendering and design.

  • Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, San Francisco, CA; (415) 391-4179,
Alan Revere works with Catherine Hylands when she was a student at the academy in the early 1980s.
Catherine Hylands receives the 2003 AJDC New Talent Award from Alan Revere, who chairs AJDC’s New Talent Committee.

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