Professional Jeweler Archive: Fall Fashion Preview

May 2004

Trend Spotting

Fall Fashion Preview

For smart shopping at the summer jewelry shows, you need to know the fashion trends for fall

Barbara Raleigh, president of International Design Source Ltd., is a fashion trend forecaster who takes a special look at accessories such as jewelry. At a recent presentation at the MJSA Expo in New York City, she offered her predictions for popular clothing styles and colors and showed the kinds of jewelry that will accent and mirror those trends. Here’s a summary, with examples Professional Jeweler culled from major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, In Style, Harper’s Bazaar and Town & Country.
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Black & White

Brooches and bracelets are key accents

The black-and-white trend in apparel will continue this fall – especially with red accents, as shown in Cartier’s marketing campaign celebrating ethnic and Chinese influences. Feminine looks will stay chic, but fashion is also celebrating the return of the structured suit jacket. Among the jewelry that should be popular with these looks are brooches and bracelets, in styles influenced by the 1960s (hippie and Bohemian) and ’50s (ladylike). Delicate, lacy and architectural motifs will look chic. Vintage pins are hot, as well as pins characterized as conversation pieces. Charm bracelets with a profusion of disks and circles remain in style. Look for red gems, carved opaque stones and enameling to sell. Diamonds, platinum, silver and pearls are naturals for this look.

Color Stories

Look for many shades of orange, green, blue and brown

Yellow will continue to influence all hues – witness the popularity of rust, coral, coppery red and yellow green. Brown will serve alongside black as a base color this fall, creating a perfect foil to the colors of the season.

Denim, leather and suede will remain popular, as hippie, biker, Bohemian and Western influences continue to filter into fashion.

Gems to complement the apparel will be orange, green and blue, including coral, jade and turquoise. Popular motifs in jewelry include vintage styles, ethnic, Indian and African influences, organic shapes and animal prints and themes (especially snakes). Styles will include long, narrow dangling earrings, briolettes, smaller beads, chunky ’50s-style pins and bracelets, coiled metal, pendant disks and medallions.

Yellow gold is the metal of choice, with pink gold remaining popular too.

Pearl Presence

The gems will be everywhere

Pearls will complement two dominant fashion looks this fall – ladylike and Bohemian. When pearl necklaces are paired with tailored looks, they will be chunky and baroque to relax what could be a too-uptight feel. Meanwhile, more traditional round pearls will dress up the tie-dye look. Bohemian influences will popularize long pearl necklaces, and sometimes pearls will be accented with colored gem beads.

Bold Metallics

Yellow gold maintains its hold over fashion

Metal accents, especially gold, will be seen in chain belts, zippers, purse straps and woven metallics. Necklaces are often tied or knotted in Y configurations or worn like scarves with tassel endings. Chain links of all kinds, especially round and bolder box chains, will be popular – a ladylike way to add a hint of biker chic to an outfit. Collars and cuffs are hot as well. Bold right-hand rings, often featuring big gemstones, complement these looks.

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