Professional Jeweler Archive: Holidays to Remember

November 2004


Holidays to Remember

Turn spring holidays in to paydays

The one Holiday on your mind right now is probably Christmas.

With a little forward-thinking, however, you can pave the way to more sales after the greens of Christmas turn to the blues of winter. It’s true that Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, spring religious celebrations and graduations can be a tough sell for jewelers. But they’re all gift-giving occasions, so why not set aside an afternoon now to plan how you can capture some of the gift shoppers this winter and spring. We spoke with vendors who supply products appropriate for such occasions for their advice on how you can profit with the right promotion and products.

Valentine’s Day

Money may be in short supply for consumers who face credit card bills from their Christmas splurge and for you as you pay vendors for the merchandise you sold in the last quarter. But just as consumers will find some money for Valentine’s Day gifts, you can find some to promote your collection of heart pendants or red and pink gemstone jewelry. In the store, create a special window and in-case displays of jewelry appropriate for Valentine’s Day. And don’t wait until Feb. 10 to promote a holiday that falls on Feb. 14. “Start promoting Valentine’s Day toward the end of the Christmas season,” says Menny Bezalel of Variety Gem, New York City. “The time between Christmas and Valentine’s Day is very short, so ads and new products – anything that will heighten consumer interest and awareness – will help.”

Consumers generally spend $199 to $499 on jewelry for Valentine’s Day, says Bezalel. His suggestions: “Pink is very fashionable and romantic, and pink gems generally aren’t very expensive. Also hearts – whether puffed locket or glistening with gems – are the ultimate symbol of love and come in a wide price range.”

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

The standard jewelry gift for a mother is a charm bracelet or colored gemstone jewelry to mark the month of her birth or her children’s; standard for men is a watch or, for those who dress up, tie tacs or cuff links.

Mother’s Day (May 8 next year) and Father’s Day (June 19) are also good times to promote giftware. Suggest a silver frame with a picture of the recipient’s children or his/her own parents. “Watch and jewelry storage cases, travel cases and desk or bookshelf clocks are just a few of the other gift items jewelers can promote for these occasions,” says Michael E. Oberman, senior vice president of the Promotional & Retail Products Division of Pacific Northern Inc., Carrollton, TX.

Religious Celebrations

“Baptisms, first communions and bar and bat mitzvahs are all good opportunities to sell giftware and fine jewelry,” says Aron Suna of Suna Bros., New York City. They’re also a chance to capture the attention of young people who will become your next customers. Crosses and Stars of David are the primary religious jewelry gifts, but you can make other suggestions too. “A beautiful ring or earrings will be a remembrance in future years of the special occasion,” says Suna.


Remind customers a simple gift of jewelry is an appropriate and easy way to mark graduation from kindergarten, grade school, high school or college. “Jewelry engraved with the date or a special message or monogram will be treasured forever,” says Mia Koniver of Mia & Kompany, Beverly Hills, CA. Make sure this merchandise is in the store a few months before graduation so you have time to plant the suggestion in customers’ minds.

– by Lorraine M. O’Donnell, A.J.P.

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Our experts offer this advice on how to sell merchandise during the spring selling season:

PROMOTION. Customers don’t always think of jewelry for these holidays. Promote it heavily with newspaper, radio and direct mail ads at least a month in advance – well before consumers buy candy or order flowers.

DATEBOOK. Everyone knows Christmas is Dec. 25 and New Year’s Day is Jan. 1. Beyond that, the dates of special occasions get fuzzy. In your store and in ads, mention the date of upcoming occasions to spur customers’ memories. By the way, May is the typical month for first communions and confirmations; graduations typically run from early May through mid-June.

BE ORDERLY BUT FLEXIBLE. You may want to show all heart pendants and ruby rings together in one Valentine’s Day display. But don’t tie yourself down too much. If heart pendants and ruby rings don’t say “romance” to a particular customer, feel free to move around the store making other suggestions.

SEEING IS BELIEVING. Window displays are a quick reminder a holiday is coming.

GIFTWARE. Spring occasions – perhaps more than any others – offer opportunities for fine giftware. Suggestions range from leather CD cases to watch winders, jewelry storage and travel cases to desk accessories.

14k gold and diamond brooch allows your customer to wear her heart on her shoulder.

Candela Jewelry, Sunrise, FL; (800) 227-7710.

14k white gold ring with 0.83 carat of pink sapphires and 0.35 carat of diamonds is $1,095 suggested retail.

Idaho Opal & Gem, Pocatello, ID; (800) 635-9800, fax (208) 233-0120.

Edwardian-style earrings and pendant hold pink sapphires and white diamonds.

Carl Blackburn, Beverly Hills, CA; (310) 284-4284, fax (310) 203-9514,

Sterling silver locket with an amethyst is $95 suggested retail. Available with other gems.

Anatoli, West Hurley, NY; (888) 505-3033, fax (845) 334-9099.

18k white or yellow gold necklaces from the Lola Heart collection feature diamond accents and a heart made of pink mist veridian, canary veridian, sea foam amethyst, purple amethyst or azure veridian. Veridian is a form of imported quartz. Suggested retail, from $3,650.

Judith Ripka, New York City; (212) 244-1230, fax (212) 244-4560.

18k gold and diamond pavé love and heart pendants hang from multiple chains.

Molina Jewellery Manufacturers, San Salvatore, Italy; (39-013) 123-3510, fax (39-013) 123-7739,

14k white gold heart pendant holds 0.40 carat of pink sapphires and 0.29 carat of white diamonds. Suggested retail, $2,199.

Variety Gem, New York City; (800) 735-4367,

Three-stone pendant is available in 14k white or yellow gold and can accommodate diamonds totaling 0.05-1.0 carat.

Dangler Studios, Sarasota, FL; (888) DANGLER or (914) 957-4949, fax (941) 957-4948.

18k heart suite comprises a ring ($175 suggested retail), earrings ($125), bracelet ($299) and necklace ($550).

Aurea, New York City; (800) 525-5033,

Diamond bands and matching Huggy™ earrings are available in yellow or white gold.

Jordan Meryl, Boca Raton, FL; (516) 988-6844, fax (516) 988-6845.

18k white gold earrings with 1.5 carats of diamonds are $1,285 suggested retail.

Caressa, New York City; (800) 458-4300
or (718) 706-8989, fax (718) 258-2588,

Charm bracelet for mothers is crafted in 14k gold.

Rembrandt Charms, Buffalo, NY; (800) 828-7840 or (716) 633-2450, fax (800) 828-7811.

18k gold and white enamel Baby Shoe features yellow chicks and 0.07 carat of diamonds. Suggested retail, $1,600.

Aaron Basha, New York City; (212) 935-9162, fax (212) 935-9309.

14k gold pendants depict mothers with their children.

Ciemme, New York City; (877) 398-9666, fax (212) 840-5680.

From the Home collection, this leather bar set with tone-on-tone saddle stitching comes in a selection of colors, including black, brown and berry red. Suggested retail, $255.

Wolf Designs, Malibu, CA; (866) 289-9653 or (310) 456-7072, fax (310) 456-8393,

Functional and elegant men’s gifts include a watch box, frame and clock suitable for any dad.

Pacific Northern, Carrollton, TX; (888) 888-5868 or (972) 512-9000, fax (972) 512-9002.

18k gold cuff links with peridot and diamond accents are $7,680 suggested retail.

Erica Courtney, Los Angeles, CA; (323) 938-2373, fax (323) 938-8964.

14k gold monogram necklace is $586 suggested retail.

Mia & Kompany, Beverly Hills, CA; (310) 205-0027, fax (310) 205-0351.

Sterling silver jewelry suite with L/I1 diamonds or better ranges from $79-$899 suggested retail.

Lyric by Frederick Goldman, New York City; (212) 807-2120, fax (212) 645-9182.

Platinum pendant with 0.82 carat of diamonds hangs from a platinum chain. Suggested retail, $2,840.

Suna Bros. Inc., New York City; (800) 456-7862, fax (212) 869-5922.

18k gold pendant with 3.82 carats of pink sapphires, 5.35 carats of blue sapphires and 5.68 carats of yellow sapphires is $19,250 suggested retail.

Oscar Heyman & Bros., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612.

Forty-two diamonds totaling 2 carats are bezel-set in this 14k white gold cross pendant.

Instyle Jewellery from Bhavani Gems, New York City; (212) 704-2111, fax (212) 704-9994,

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