Professional Jeweler Archive: Emotion Rules in Fall Ad Campaigns

November 2004

Trend Spotting

Emotion Rules in Fall Ad Campaigns

The World Gold Council and Diamond Trading Co. create campaigns that focus on real people

World Gold Council Ads Get Real

Eschewing the contrived model shots so common in luxury ad campaigns, the World Gold Council launched a worldwide $6 million fourth-quarter ad campaign featuring real people captured by National Geographic photographers in urban and rural settings in the U.S., Italy, India and China.

The photos feature a gold jewelry occasion and have descriptive lines, such as one U.S. market ad that says “Birthday bracelet from best friends, New York” and shows three women celebrating in a boat in New York Harbor. Smaller photos of women friends also celebrating birthdays with gold jewelry in Italian and Indian cities accompany the lead photo. The headline on the ads: “There’s one language everyone understands,” which ties into WGC’s existing tag line: “Speak Gold,” which appears at the bottom of each ad.

“People are interested in other parts of the world,” says WGC Managing Director John Calnon. “They like to see what real people are wearing or doing in Milan and Mumbai.” Along with depicting friendships among women, the campaign also focuses on other relationships, such as the ties binding lovers. It even includes some ads that celebrate a woman’s love for herself, shown by wearing and enjoying her favorite gold jewelry that she feels proud to have bought.

“There’s a depth of meaning in gold,” says Michael Pace, WGC’s new vice president of marketing. “Gold is connected to something deep inside us that’s significant and universal in all cultures. It unites us.”

Pace says the campaign also ties into the current consumer yearning for luxury experiences. “We have to be much clearer about the emotional rationale for buying gold jewelry to compete with other luxury experiences,” he says.

In addition to this campaign, there’s a product-specific series featuring lifestyle photos from the new campaign as well as photos of gold jewelry from a variety of designers and manufacturers. The overall campaign focuses on aspirational, well-designed gold and is intended to help consumers differentiate such pieces from more mundane mass-market offerings.

The print campaign will appear in 19 fashion and lifestyle publications, including In Style, Vanity Fair, Vogue and W.

A simultaneous outdoor campaign will run in key gold markets, including Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and Houston. The overall campaign was developed by London-based agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

The world will always welcome lovers ... wearing gold.
Friends celebrate birthdays ... with gold.

Diamond Trading Co. Blitz

The Diamond Trading Co. is fueling the U.S. diamond jewelry market this quarter with a marketing program called “Re-Ignite Your Love.” It includes advertising, marketing and public relations efforts focusing on getting men to buy three-stone diamond jewelry, solitaire diamonds and right-hand rings.

“Last year, the ‘Celebrate Her’ campaign created momentum during the crucial fourth quarter that proved extremely positive for the diamond industry,” says Richard Lennox, director-in-charge of the diamond group at J. Walter Thompson, DTC’s ad agency. “This year, JWT designed a program that will speak to a couple’s commitment to celebrating the strength and importance of their relationship. Americans lead a fast-paced life, juggling the many issues and duties that affect us at home and abroad, sometimes not having the time to enjoy what is right in front of us. The new campaign showcases diamonds as the ultimate way to express how essential your relationship is to your life.”

JWT also developed a new series of the “Seize the Day” ads designed to call men to action. The ads, which reflect the “Re-Ignite Your Love” theme, contain powerful lines such as “Imagine The Resolutions She’ll Make,” “This Christmas, Try A Miracle On Your Street” and “For Once You’ll Know Exactly What She’s Thinking.” The “Seize the Day” print campaign will appear in 17 male-targeted magazines – including Men’s Health, Links, Road & Track and Fortune – and in 28 regional newspapers. In addition, outdoor ads will be seen at New York’s Grand Central Station, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station.

A new TV commercial, “Steps,” features a couple walking through London’s Trafalgar Square. The husband starts joking around with his wife and says, “You know, I think I’d marry you again.” The wife responds laughing, “What do you mean ‘think?’” He replies, “Seriously! We could do it right here.” They walk up the nearby steps of London’s National Gallery, where the wife is surprised by her parents, then by other friends and family as they approach from different directions. “What’s going on?” she asks. Her husband kneels, holds out a three-stone diamond ring and says, “Will you marry me … again?” The commercial ends on a shot of the ring.

“Steps” will begin to air on Thanksgiving weekend in rotation with a commercial titled “Tree.” Until then the existing commercials “Hands” and “Declaration” – each spotlighting three-stone jewelry and the past, present and future message – are running in heavy rotation.

Trade marketing material is available from the Diamond Promotion Service to help you create your own marketing programs for the holidays. DPS developed all new marketing material in conjunction with the “Re-Ignite Your Love” theme. Log onto for a variety of free, downloadable photography, post cards and ad slicks featuring three-stone rings and classic stud earrings.

– by Peggy Jo Donahue

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