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September 2004


ICA Rocks!

Jewelers unsure about colored gems should consider novel programs by the International Colored Gemstone Association

Joseph Menzie, president of the International Colored Gemstone Association, is making good on his vow to aggressively promote colored gemstones worldwide (see “Jaipur Journal,” Professional Jeweler, March 2003, p. 27). ICA has an admittedly shoestring budget to raise gemstone awareness, but two new programs are designed to take care of that dilemma and raise money at the same time. For jewelers there’s an educational angle. Here’s a glimpse of the programs:

Gem Adventure Films

ICA is the major distributor of a DVD documentary series titled “In Pursuit of Precious Stones” developed and hosted by French gemologist Patrick Voillot. The series follows Voillot’s travels to gem sources around the world, including Myanmar, Kashmir and Madagascar. ICA calls the series an ideal marketing tool for retailers because, aside from educating sales associates about gem sources, the DVDs convey to customers the beauty and value of colored gems. ICA suggests the DVDs can also be used as:

  • Gifts to A-list customers.
  • Continuously running programs in stores.
  • Gifts at colored gem events in stores.

ICA is seeking distribution partnerships with other trade associations, trade publications and Internet retailers for more effective distribution. “DVDs will be sold by redistributors, primarily through their Web sites, at a suggested retail price of $39.95 each,” says Steffan Aletti, ICA director of communications.

Digital Image Library

ICA also announced the digitization of a collection of gemstone images, most by photographer Bart Curren. Images of thousands of gemstones are available to ICA members, the trade press and general media via a secure Web site download. ICA believes this free service will greatly enhance the presence of gemstone images in magazines and other forms of media.

• ICA, (212) 620-0900,

– by Robert Weldon, G.G.

This sapphire picture by Bart Curren is an example of the images available for publication and for ICA members.

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