Professional Jeweler Archive: Scott Kay Goes for Gold

September 2004

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Scott Kay Goes for Gold

The platinum promoter adds fashionable yellow gold to his portfolio of metals and removes the word platinum from his company's logo

"Are you kidding? This is the man who brought the world to white metal,” one industry observer exclaimed upon hearing designer Scott Kay is working in yellow gold for the first time. But Kay says it’s time to consider the un-white metal to add to his successful launches of platinum bridal and sterling silver fashion jewelry.

Kay created two new bridal collections in 19k gold because he says this alloy gives consumers the purest form of the metal while still maintaining durability and integrity. The first collection is modern and the other is inspired by vintage styles (and will be made in platinum also).

The decision to work in yellow gold is a response in part to a broadening range of consumers in the multicultural U.S. “Gold is culturally in our veins, and 50% of married couples still get married in gold,” he says. “I’m looking to resurrect gold with the right approach – sophistication without compromise.” The vintage styles will have side or accent stones bead-set in gold. His gold rings will feature center and other important stones mounted in platinum. Because his bridal line has added yellow gold, it will now be known as Scott Kay, rather than Scott Kay Platinum.

u Scott Kay, Teaneck, NJ; (201) 287-0100,

– by Lorraine O’Donnell, A.J.P

Top: Scott Kay’s modern bridal line is newly minted in 19k gold, with platinum used for the diamond settings.

His vintage 19k gold bridal styles use platinum for the settings of the center stones, while side diamonds are bead-set in gold.

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