Professional Jeweler Archive: The Hispanic Jewelry Market

April 2005

Cover Focus | Ethnic Markets: Hispanic Americans

The Hispanic Jewelry Market

JCOC study reveals a hidden giant

By Peggy Jo Donahue

Here are some key facts from a January 2005 study of Hispanic jewelry preferences by the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council:

Hispanics will buy $1.5 billion worth of jewelry in 2005. Men and women will buy an almost equal number of pieces, but the dollar amount that men will spend is significantly more. Almost three-quarters of the population already own fine jewelry, with nearly 25% owning five to 10 pieces.

More than 50% of those polled have spent $500-$10,000 on at least one piece of jewelry, with an additional 4% having bought at least one jewel over $10,000.

Close to 50% of Hispanics shop at a national jewelry chain store or a local independent fine jeweler.

Yellow gold is still the market’s favorite metal, though over 17% of respondents choose platinum vs. 4% of the general population. They’re less fond of silver than Americans in general.

Diamonds are predictably popular, with over half citing them as favorites. However, nearly 20% prefer jewelry made with colored gemstones.

While it’s true many Hispanics wear fine jewelry because of tradition and over half own a piece of religious fine jewelry, Hispanics also follow the latest trends, such as right-hand rings and three-stone jewelry.

You have specific occasion opportunities with this market (though, like the general populations, Hispanics buy mostly for birthdays and Christmas). The Quinceanera, when a girl turns 15, is a prime opportunity for jewelry sales – promote this occasion. Hispanics also buy more jewelry for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day than the general population. Close to 65% say they’ve bought jewelry for themselves, and they spent more on themselves than when buying for someone else.

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