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April 2005

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Cozy Up

Create a fireplace effect with no risk

Fiberoptic Lighting Inc., a designer and fabricator of fiber-optic displays and signs for nearly two decades, introduces the world’s first fiber-optic fireplaces. The new collection can give a store the visual effects of a fireplace without the maintenance costs and risks.

The fiber-optic fireplace was developed originally for the assisted-living market, but it’s now being adapted for themed environments and architectural enhancements at stores, casinos, resorts, hotels, restaurants, clubs, museums, building lobbies, homes and elsewhere. It measures 42 by 42 by 10 inches as shown, is UL-listed and is easy to clean and store, says the company.

Custom fiber-optic fireplaces are available also. Check the company’s website for other fiber-optic products, including murals, video clips and lighting that combine light, color and motion to calm customers (the technology was developed for the healthcare industry to calm patients waiting for medical procedures). It has been adapted also for decorations such as musical Christmas murals.

Fiberoptic Lighting’s new fireplace carries no maintenance costs or fire risks.
  • Fiberoptic Lighting Inc., Grants Pass, OR; (800) 543-2533, hyla@,

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