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February 2005

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From Antwerp, with Love

Ravish, the Fischler diamond jewelry collection, debuts


Fischler Diamonds saw its U.S. retailer customers struggling to sell generic diamonds at a profit, so it created its Ravish jewelry collection. But the New York City sales division of the company made a strategic decision to focus on direct benefits to jewelers instead of incurring the staggering costs of creating a big consumer brand.

The company’s longtime manufacturing and trading base is in Antwerp, Belgium. It buys diamonds directly with an insider’s knowledge, passing on the savings to jewelers.

Fischler also helps make presentations easy. Customers may select different shapes, weights, colors and clarities in a variety of rings, all at the same price. “It’s a great way for a jeweler to make a solitaire presentation,” says Serge Fischler, president of Fischler Diamonds’ sales office in the U.S.

Running the Gamut

Along with engagement rings, wedding bands and semimounts, the Ravish collection includes bracelets in four sizes, pendants in three styles, and earrings. It boasts a variety of the most popular diamond jewelry styles on the market, plus 18k gold, platinum and two-tone metal choices. “Women look at jewelry from a fashion perspective, not from a diamond industry perspective – and we’ve taken that into account,” says Fischler.

The diamonds are graded for color, clarity and exact weight so you don’t have to repeat this process or train sales associates to do so, saving time and money. The company says its reputation allows you to trust the grading.

This simpler approach to diamond jewelry branding and selling appealed to Fischler, who is close to his U.S. customers, most of whom have bought diamonds from the company for almost 25 years. Fischler says he listens to retailer feedback and adjusts the line accordingly. The company also does consumer market research to keep up with style trends.

Fischler is the son of one of the founders, Abraham “Bram” Fischler, a leader on the Antwerp diamond scene until his recent death. Serge Fischler opened the company’s U.S. office in 1980 and lives here with his wife and children.

The son was luckier than the father. Bram Fischler and his wife couldn’t get into the U.S. at the beginning of World War II when they fled Europe, so they went to Cuba, where a diamond-cutting community formed. “My father and mother both learned to polish diamonds,” says Fischler. Though Bram Fischler lost his mother, father and siblings during the war, he returned to Belgium afterward. He set up the Antwerp company in 1952 with his cousins Aby and Cappi Fischler.

Today, Aby; his son, Stephane; and two other of Bram’s sons, Maurice and Michel, work for the firm in Antwerp. “If you need to talk to a Fischler, we pick up the phone – our name is on everything we do,” says Serge Fischler.
The Ravish collection, available with 30 diamond qualities and sizes, is $400-$25,000 suggested retail.

  • Fischler Diamonds, New York City; (800) 368-8636,
Loose stones are a Fischler Diamonds specialty, but the company’s new competitively priced Ravish jewelry line gives jewelers a boost.
A split shank ring from the Ravish collection.

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