Professional Jeweler Archive: Y Not?

February 2005

Merchandise / New Products – Gems & Metals for Gen Y

Y Not?

Generation Y is willing and ready to buy fine jewelry, if the styles are right


As Generation Y gains maturity, “real” jobs and 401(k)s, its members still want to feel young and like individuals. Here are the style cues to follow:

White metals are still favored, though yellow gold looks new to them.

Rough geometry – such as rounded squares and rectangles or imperfect circles – and anything that’s handmade or looks handmade are appealing.

Silk or leather cords are popular.

Necklace in 18k white gold has iolite and pink tourmaline.

Amy L. Levine Designs for M. Geller, Chicago, IL; (800) 643-5537,

Sterling silver linear earrings.

Barbara Cary, Royal Oak, MI; (248) 310-0978, fax (248) 414-6156,

Earrings in 14k yellow gold are $202.50 suggested retail.

Nancy B. & Co., Culver City, CA; (800) 421-0464, fax (310) 836-2409.

Feather brooch has 4.68 carats of diamonds and fancy colored sapphires in 18k white gold. Suggested retail, $4,500.

Dilamani Designs, New York City; (800) 342-6677, fax (212) 944-7522,

This 14k white gold ring is from the Black Hevea Collection, named for the African rubber tree used to create the black rubber flanking the 0.15 carat of diamonds.

Claude Thibaudeau Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; (514) 397-9411, fax (514) 397-8855,

Navel jewelry in 14k gold has 0.25 carat of synthetic round garnets. Suggested retail, $317.

Hoover & Strong, Richmond, VA; (800) 759-9997, fax (800) 616-9997,

Necklace has a black titanium finish on a stainless steel cable with 14k terminals, clasps and an annulus of rose quartz. It’s from the Gen-Wire collection.

Reller Inc., Gainesville, FL; (800) 233-4820,

Sterling silver and black enamel pillow heart hangs from a silk cord. Suggested retail, $115.

B.A. Ballou, East Providence, RI; (800) 755-7099,

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