Professional Jeweler Archive: Bigger Display = Better Sales

February 2005

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Bigger Display = Better Sales

Patek Philippe jeweler sees sales rise with larger showcases


Having the top luxury brands doesn’t always guarantee sales. But an enticing display can. Many jewelers design their stores with a consistent appearance for every brand offered. But some store owners are applying a more diverse and brand-friendly face to their departments.

Patek Philippe, Geneva, Switzerland, offers its retailers a shop-in-shop. Though the watch manufacturer offers numerous point-of-purchase displays, its newest in-store units are larger than previous ones. At the stores with the new set-up, sales are clearly better.

“Since we placed Patek Philippe’s shop-in-shop in August, our sales increased for every category of watch they offer,” says Joe Turchiarolo, watch buyer for Liljenquist & Beckstead, McLean, VA. With the new Patek Philippe display, customers are far more likely to recognize the partnership between the brand and the store, he says. A larger representation of the timepieces also sends a strong message: this store is a good place to buy Patek Philippe in terms of variety and range of product. “We place 40 to 50 pieces in it and have more in the vault,” says Turchiarolo. Previously, the store could showcase about 20 Patek pieces.

This intrigues serious collectors, some of whom are knowledgeable about the brand but might have missed seeing some limited-production pieces.

Hank Edelman, director of Patek Philippe’s U.S. office, says the in-store display requires commitments by his company and by the retailer. The store must maintain the inventories required, while Patek Philippe agrees to supply new timepieces as needed.

Liljenquist & Beckstead displays up to 50 Patek Philippe watches in the new shop-in-shop. The result: more sales.

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