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February 2005

The Store / Managing Online Sales

Turnkey eBay

Two engineers make it simple for jewelers to place items online


Many retailers sell jewelry on their own websites while others use eBay, the world’s largest online marketplace. Some do well on eBay; others don’t.

Two former IBM employees can help, for a small fee. Richard Crouse and Rich Mendelson, ardent eBay sellers, put together eBay Jewelry Wizard to create professional-looking listings and to manage sales. The fee is $10 per listing plus 10% of the piece’s final selling price.

To use Jewelry Wizard, you log on, fill out an on-screen form for each item and attach quality digital images. After your information is sent, Jewelry Wizard builds a listing using the information, handles all shopper e-mail, arranges for payment and forwards each buyer’s shipping information to the listing jeweler.

Jewelry Wizard has an excellent eBay sales rating, and it uses that history when selling jeweler’s items. “Seller feedback is critical on eBay,” says Crouse.

You can even place your logo and store information on your Jewelry Wizard listings so eBay customers searching for your store’s name can find all your items. If you choose not to list your store’s name, your jewelry will appear as part of the Jewelry Wizard.

  • eBay Jewelry Wizard, Boca Raton, FL; (561) 487-3736.
eBay Jewelry Wizard takes the hassle out of selling online.

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