Professional Jeweler Archive: For Women, Birthdays Count

January 2005

Cover Focus / Women

For Women, Birthdays Count

Who knew such a small gesture could mean so much

Jewelers can reach women when their marketing means the most by sending a card for their birthdays, says Dan Rush Schwartz, marketing director at Hands On Creative & Marketing, which developed a birthday marketing program targeted at women who buy for themselves. “A birthday card from you can be a powerful medium to help sell jewelry because it plays to a fundamental emotional need of all women to be recognized,” he says.

Prospective customers receive the card at a time when they may be thinking about treating themselves. Many women liked to be remembered on their birthdays and may end up feeling your store truly cares about its customers.

Cards in the Hands On program are created to appeal to upscale women. The company’s research shows birthday marketing programs are more effective in reaching and motivating high-value prospects, often the hardest to influence. Hands On determined over 99% of its birthday card mailings are opened and read, while 95% are saved.

A birthday card program can target prospective customers who live within five to 10 miles of a store. All cards are mailed during the prospective customer’s birthday month with her full name and address. For information, call (914) 997-7592, or email

Birthdays are an emotional time for women. You can build your image as a jeweler who truly cares about its customers by taking the time to wish them happy birthday. Cards are from a program developed by Hands On Creative & Marketing.

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