Professional Jeweler Archive: Sending Thank You's

January 2005

Cover Focus / Women

Sending Thank You's

Women are getting jaded, so do it right when you correspond with clients after the sale

There’s still nothing like a hand-written thank-you note to a customer who’s just made a purchase – sophisticated jewelry sales associates have long used this follow-up sales strategy. Too bad you’re not the only ones.

In a recent article in New York magazine, Jennifer Tung, a frequent shopper at high-end stores and boutiques, says she receives bucket-loads of these notes. Though she admits nice messages make her feel good, she and her well-heeled friends think not every sales associate earns an A+ in the note-writing department. Here’s some advice, gleaned from their observations:

Just Say Thanks. No sneaking in notice of an upcoming sale or new merchandise. Too promotional.

Remember Details. A sales associate who remembered to wish Tung a happy honeymoon earned points. So did one who praised her for being a good daughter after she made a purchase for her mother.

Take Some Lessons. One of Tung’s friends was horrified to receive a note featuring bubbly, oversize script, two scratched-out spelling mistakes, words left out of sentences and a smiley face next to the sales associate’s signature. If these gaffes don’t make you wince, they should. Seek help from a Miss Manners-type who can critique your style.

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