Professional Jeweler Archive: She's Not All Bling

January 2005

Cover focus / Women

She's Not All Bling

Don't sell female timepiece customers short

Glance into the timepiece showcase in any jewelry store and you may think you’re staring into the jewelry case. Intense light shines on the many diamonds draped on watch bezels, dials and bracelets. But don’t let all that bling blind your sales techniques.

Women wear the bulk of diamond watches, as you might expect. They also may choose larger models and complications and can be quite knowledgeable about them, which you might not expect. “Never make the gender mistake,” says Paul White, watch division director at Reis-Nichols, Indianapolis, IN, and a Professional Jeweler columnist. “Treat women as if they are as knowledgeable as male watch aficionados.”

Also don’t assume women buy watches only as gifts. As with jewelry, more women are buying for themselves.

If you need to educate a woman about a watch’s features, be as thorough as you would be with a man. Also recognize that while women value fashion, says White, they also appreciate quality. “Manufacturer reputation and service matter with ladies as much as with men,” he says.

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