Professional Jeweler Archive: Selling Artistic Designer Jewelry to Women

January 2005

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Selling Artistic Designer Jewelry to Women

Many women are looking for an alternative to the big brands

In recent years, seriously fashionable women have embraced one-of-a-kind and artistic clothing over big brands to make more personal statements about themselves. Now independent jewelers can take the same approach with designer jewelry as women buy accessories to complement their unique fashions. Here are some reasons you might consider – or reconsider – offering designer jewelry:

Loyalty. Designer jewelers can be more loyal to you because most aren’t overdistributed. You can form one-on-one relationships with designers and choose items that best fit your store.

Excitement. Designer jewelers constantly introduce new pieces to attract female buyers back to your store between seasons.

Quality. Designer jewelers are obsessed with quality so you can benefit from increased consumer satisfaction. Designer jewelry is often handmade or hand-finished.

Artistry. Designer jewelers consider themselves artists, artisans and true craftspeople. Buying designer jewelry is a way for your customers to invest in wearable art.

Range. Designer jewelers create jewels in a nearly limitless variety of materials and styles. No longer do you have to offer a meager selection of predictable designs. Remember, women are driven by design.

Back Stories. Designer jewelers have stories concerning how they find inspiration, design and function as true artists. Women buyers in particular want to connect with something in these impersonal times, and they’re more apt to invest in jewelry that has meaning.

The Angels with Attitudes collection by Susan Helmich, a member of the International Jewelry Design Guild, typifies the individualistic approach designer jewelers take. Each angel in the series represents an attitude, such as courage, perseverance or grace. Helmich shares with buyers the written story of what inspired her to create each member of the collection.

Source: The International Jewelry Design Guild, a group of 73 designer jewelers that promotes awareness of the value and artistry of fine designer jewelry. For more information, visit

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