Professional Jeweler Archive: Visual Merchandising: Signs of Life

January 2005

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Visual Merchandising: Signs of Life

More graphics, less construction in 2005

by Michael Thompson

Can your customers easily and quickly locate the different categories of jewelry in your store? Do they see the store clearly from the outside?

If not, perhaps your signs need to be update or just upsized. This year many retailers plan to do just that, reports Display & Design Ideas magazine. Nearly half the retailers responding to a recent survey plan to expand their use of signs and graphics (and possibly their budgets for them) in 2005. Other items slated for possible increase: lifestyle graphics, in-store seating, props and decorative items.

These types of visual merchandising equipment will be used more despite the fact retailers expect to spend less overall for store merchandising this year. They see graphics and signs as a way to gain the maximum impact with lower costs than required for new store construction and equipment. They also see good lighting and a few effective signs as a more efficient use of money than, for example, adding a new showcase. Are retailers selling themselves short? Possibly.

“Retailers seem to be, somewhat unrealistically, hoping to do more with less,” notes the publication.

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