Professional Jeweler Archive: Bright Light Ideas

January 2005

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Bright Light Ideas

Trends you can use to make the most of today's technology

If you’ve added fiber optic lighting to your showcases and metal halide lights to your store, you’re likely aware of the revolution going on in lighting technology. In Display & Design Ideas, a design magazine, Paul Gregory, president of Focus Lighting Inc., New York City, listed trends for retail lighting:

1. Lights are brighter. In part because baby boomers are reaching ages where they need more light to see well.

2. Stores have increased lighting budgets. Correct lighting renders colors better, and varied technologies are available.

3. Stores are better at lighting their architectural features. The public appreciates clearly seeing the details.

4. There’s more contrast, less ambient light. Too much fluorescent light tires the eyes, so stores are trying more focus with dark contrasts.

5. LEDs are the future. As companies develop more colors, this will be the low-energy, low-maintenance, long-lasting light of the future.

6. Lockable fixtures are more available. Changing lamps without moving the fixture is increasingly important.

7. Stores are using colorful lights to “brand” themselves. By highlighting a colorful wall or using colored lights, retailers create and maintain an image in the mind of the customer.

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