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January 2005

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Touch Me

Interactive screens can enhance the retail experience

If you’ve avoided placing a large screen in your store because you’re worried customers might find it intrusive, you may want to think again.

Two of the best-sellers this Christmas season were large-screen monitors and TVs. Whether for computer use or for home entertainment, larger plasma or LED screens led sales at many electronics stores. This means many of your customers have one at home and many others may use one at work.

Brad Gleason, president and COO of ActiveLight Inc., Poulsbo, WA, told Display & Design Ideas magazine that many retailers use larger screens because they allow more than one customer at a time to learn about products and can be tied into the store inventory information or live newswires. They also can be used in self-serve kiosks. This is of limited use in a high-ticket jewelry store, but could help with sales of jewelry cleaner and for engraving orders, returns, exchanges and repair pickup dates.

Many stores have added a store-in-store where customers interact with a display that offers very detailed information about a single brand. These typically are set up with the assistance of the brand. For technical information or for evoking the fashion and history behind certain categories of jewelry or watches, such a display could be worth thousands of words.

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