Professional Jeweler Archive: Tarnish-Resistant Silver Certified

March 2005

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Tarnish-Resistant Silver Certified

New alloy gains attention

The Cutlery and Allied Trades Research Association in the United Kingdom has certified Argentium™ Sterling Silver as the first sterling silver that is tarnish-resistant, with no polishing needed for up to two years.

The alloy, which was developed in Great Britain, is harder and more dent-resistant than normal sterling alloys and is guaranteed to be not less than 92.5% pure, says Stern-Leach, Attleboro, MA, exclusive manufacturer of the alloy in North America. The alloy – which contains germanium and less copper than others – can be laser-welded, is firescale free, has increased flexibility because it can be made harder, is more ductile and can be cleaned of finger marks easily with a soft cloth. It’s available in casting grain, tubing, sheet and wire for all types of manufacturing and design requirements and usage.

All partners will be required to use the Argentium silver mark on all products as proof to consumers of its high tarnish resistance.

For information, contact Mike Merolla of Stern-Leach at (800) 225-2710 or

Designer Cynthia Eid created this undulating bracelet with the Argentium Sterling Silver alloy.

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