Professional Jeweler Archive: Redefining the Classics

March 2005

Cover Focus | 60+

Redefining the Classics

Chances are an older woman already has the expected. Now it's time to mix things up a bit


For cultured pearls, one consequence of being perennially tasteful and achingly appropriate is their unjustified reputation as boring. Once a woman is outfitted with the expected strand of June Cleaver pearls, she often leaves the pearl category behind. You can entice her back and broaden her horizons with more daring, yet still classic cultured pearl jewelry.

Look for cultured pearl rings ... perfect for asserting individual choice when confronted by the sea of diamond right-hand rings.

Solitaire or paired cultured pearls in lariat or other drop necklaces bring a deliberately casual style to the expected formality of pearl jewelry.

A simple strand enlivened by stations puts a stylish spin on a necklace.

Diamonds enhance any piece of cultured pearl jewelry by complementing pearls’ luster with sparkle.

From the Biwa Collection, this bracelet also features diamonds set in 18k gold.

Yvel, Jerusalem, Israel; (972-2) 673-5811, fax (972-2) 673-5812,

Bracelet has about 75 cultured pearls with a diamond-and-platinum clasp.

Suna Bros. New York City; (800) 456-7862, fax (212) 869-5922,,

Lariat necklace features a 13mm black Tahitian cultured pearl , 13mm white South Sea cultured pearl and 0.33 carat of diamonds in 18k white gold.

Jenny Perl for JMP Associates, Wheaton, MD; (301) 933-9500, fax (301) 942-3977.

Freshwater cultured pearl earrings hang from sterling silver mesh drops.

Esslinger & Co., St. Paul, MN; (800) 328-0205, fax (651) 452-4298.

Freshwater pearl necklace and earring are 14k white gold.

Baumell Pearl Co. Inc., San Francisco, CA; (800) 247-8222 or (415) 421-2113, fax (415) 421-2753.

Ring has one 11mm South Sea cultured pearl and 0.25 carat of round brilliant diamonds in 18k white gold. Suggested retail, $1,100.

Carl K. Gumpert, Los Angeles, CA; (213) 626-6531, fax (213) 627-4406.

Photo by Zale Richard Rubins.

Ring of 18k yellow gold and platinum has 15.8mm-by-15.2mm black Tahitian cultured pearl surrounded by 1.41 carats of marquise diamonds and 2.63 carats of pear-shaped diamonds. Suggested retail, $35,000.

Oscar Heyman & Bros., New York City; (212) 593-0400, fax (212) 759-8612,

Chinese freshwater pearl necklace is accented with jasper, laboradorite and angel skin coral in 18k gold. Suggested retail, $2,025.

Janis Kerman Design, Westmount, Quebec, Canada; (514) 931-3852.

Lariats feature 8mm cultured pearls in 14k white gold with 0.10 carat of diamonds in each rondelle. Middle necklace has pink sapphire beads.

Just Jules, Scottsdale, AZ; (408) 860-6211, fax (408) 860-4488,,

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