Professional Jeweler Archive: The Colors of Spring

March 2005

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The Colors of Spring

The sea and the dry air of the desert mingle

This spring, the blue turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and the comforting shades of the American West are inspiring the colors of fashion. According to the Pantone Color Fashion Report, which reports on color trends for all consumer products, these sources are reaping colors such as coral reef, sweet lavender, begonia pink and flame and quickly finding consumer acceptance in clothing and accessories stores.

Jewelry stores could enhance their chances with fashion-directed buyers who stay au courant with color by decorating windows with seashells, sand, crabs, starfish and sea horses or turquoise and coral jewelry. You can accessorize furniture and fixtures with coral-, slate- or kelp-colored fabric or other material.

“Color for spring ’05 is wildly divergent,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, which surveys fashion designers involved in Fashion Week in New York City. She adds that combinations of colors of the sea and the desert are used without regard for strict match. Pink, she adds, has been adopted as New York’s new signature color. For more information, see

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