Professional Jeweler Archive: Preparing the AllSet to Cut Bearings in Prongs

May 2005

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Preparing the AllSet to Cut Bearings in Prongs

Foredom's AllSet® Master Stone Setting Kit helps you cut consistent bearings for an in-line bracelet

By Mark B. Mann

This article explains how to set up the Foredom AllSet® Master Stone-Setting Kit for the stone setting project featured on page 87.

1. The kit has prong, pavé and channel-cutting guides and a fixture that attaches to a Foredom No. 30 handpiece. It can be set up many ways for a variety of setting tasks.
2. Two parts hold the AllSet attachments to the No. 30 handpiece. I begin by attaching the body (A), hooking it over the collar of the handpiece opposite the chuck key opening.
Next I attach the AllSet holding collar (B) perpendicular to the handpiece and tighten the two set screws with the supplied Allen key.
3. I select the proper setting bur for the project and match it to the appropriate-size prong guide. Of the 13 available, I want the one that offers minimal clearance between the bur and the inside diameter of the guide. I attach the prong guide (C) to the L bracket (D).
4. I insert the shaft and L bracket into the body.
5. After the shaft is inserted, I tighten the shaft locking screw (E).
6. Next I insert the setting bur and lock it in the No. 30 handpiece using the chuck key.
7. Finally, I adjust the depth of the cut using the shaft adjusting nut (F).

I like the cut’s depth to allow the top of the gemstone to be slightly below the tops of the prongs before bending them. I experiment with a couple of settings and make the final adjustment. Next I bur all bearings, one after the other, using the Foredom Model TX Flexshaft at a medium low speed with plenty of lubrication. The AllSet takes less than two minutes to assemble for this project.

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Photographs by Mark and Lainie Mann
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