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Business ethics
Charity fundraising and contributions
Conflict diamonds
Environmental protection
FTC Guidelines and other rules
Human rights
Patriot Act and international gem trade
Socially-conscious consumers
Undercarating of diamonds
Underkarating of gold


12/02: AIDS: Africa's Much Bigger Problem

8/01: The Jewelry Industry Fights AIDS

1/01: AIDS Orphans and the SOS Village

Business ethics

2/05: Corporate Responsibility Counts, Especially to Gen Y

4/04: JA Adopts Supplier Code of Conduct

2/04: When Telling the Truth is Hard

9/03: Following Best Practices

10/02: JVC's New Handbook

1/02: I Can See Clearly Now: Transparency is Forever

4/01: JVC Institutes New Membership Standards

6/00: Deceptive Appraisal Prices

9/99: The Value of Disclosure

5/99: JA Code of Ethics Compliance Delayed

12/98: Deceptive Pricing Action Proposed

8/98: Fight Deceptive Pricing: Pt. 2

8/98: The Legal Angle

7/98: Fight Deceptive Pricing: Pt. 1

Charity fundraising and contributions

4/05: Tsunami Relief Update

2/05: Appeal for Help in Tsunami Disaster

8/04: Do One Little Thing

7/04: And Charity for All

1/04: IWC Sponsors Angel Flight Charity

12/03: Jewelers Endorse Cause-Marketing

9/03: Longines Donates

8/03: JCF Raises Record $3 Million for Charity

1/03: Corum Gives $250,000 to Twin Towers Fund

9/02: JCF Raises Record Amount

4/02: Celebrating Kids and Community

2/02: Don't Forget Charity for All

2/02: Swatch 'Wristory' Auction Raises Money for Charity

6/01: Diamonds for Charity

8/99: For a Good Cause

Conflict diamonds

2/05: Supply Changes Dominate Headlines

7/04: WDC Wants Annual Reports for Kimberley Compliance

6/04: JA's Call to Action

5/04: Conflict Diamonds: Are Jewelers Doing Enough?

5/04: Conflict Diamonds: Are Jewelers Doing Enough?

12/03: Kimberley Peer Review: DRC Will Be the Test

10/03: Kimberley Now Fully Effective

7/03: Kimberley Nations Meet

6/03: 'Are These Diamonds Conflict-Free?'

6/03: Congress Passes Act Giving Customs Service Kimberley Authority

6/03: Get Up to Speed on Legal Issues

6/03: Study Cites Al Qaeda Link to Diamonds

4/03: WDC Publishes Kimberley Guide

2/03: Can the Kimberley System Thwart Terrorists?

2/03: U.S. Has New Agency to Issue Kimberley Certificates

1/03: JA Issues Guidance to Members on Kimberley Process Compliance

1/03: The Achilles Heel of the Kimberley System

12/02: Fifty Nations Adopt Kimberley System

12/02: WDC Approves Warranty System to Support Kimberley

11/02: US. Can Enforce Kimberley Rules Without Legislation

8/02: Accusations of Terrorist Links Persist

5/02: Keep the Kimberley Process Alive

4/02: Conflict Diamonds Update

12/01: Kimberley Process Inches Forward

10/01: Conflict Diamonds: It's Lobbying Time

8/01: De Beers Suspends Operations in Angola

8/01: Industry, Human Rights Groups, Congress Unite on New Conflict Diamonds Bill

7/01: Africa: Cry the Beloved Continent

6/01: A Conflict Diamonds Bill Jewelers Can Support

5/01: Let's Help Sierra Leone Recover – Now

4/01: Consumer Campaign Targets Conflict Diamonds

4/01: Mr. & Mrs. Jeweler Go to Washington

3/01: WDC Sets Sept. 1 Deadline for Conflict Diamond Controls

2/01: Angola's Tangled Web

2/01: Conflict Diamonds: Keep the Pressure On

1/01: Diamonds for Good

12/00: Conflict Diamond Update

12/00: People to People

10/00: Be Prepared

9/00: Conflict Diamonds: A Resolution

9/00: Conflict Diamonds: The Proactive Approach

9/00: JA Prepares Guides on Conflict Diamonds

8/00: Conflict Resolution

8/00: DDC's Conflict Diamonds Solution

7/00: Conflict Diamonds: The Moral Issues

7/00: DDC Takes Stand on Conflict Diamonds

5/00: Dirty Diamond Debate Continues

2/00: Mission Impossible

1/00: Angola Agony

Environmental protection

5/04: Tiffany & Co. Speaks Out Against Montana Mine

FTC Guidelines and other rules

4/05: FTC Asks for Comment on Platinum Marks

1/05: German Court Bans Term 'Cultured Diamonds'

10/01: The Compliance Quiz, Part 2

8/01: The Compliance Quiz

3/01: Jewelers Must Disclose Gem Treatments Affecting Value

2/00: Industry Answers FTC Questions

11/99: JVC/JA Task Force Endorses FTC Changes

10/99: FTC Guidelines Revisited

9/99: Growing Up

8/99: FTC: If Trends Affect Price, Should You Disclose?

7/99: Diamantaires Practice Self-Regulation

5/98: Selling Treated and Synthetic Gems: What's Unfair and Deceptive?

2/98: Treatment Disclosure: Be Prepared

Human rights

5/05: Burma: Reaching the End of 'Business as Usual'

4/05: Tiffany to Keep Ban on Myanmar Gems

4/01: African Officials Criticize Human Rights Groups

2/01: Angola's Tangled Web

1/01: Diamonds for Good

Patriot Act and international gem trade

1/04: Patriot Act Final Regs Due Early in 2004

9/03: U.S. Bans Products from Myanmar

6/03: Get Up to Speed on Legal Issues

5/03: Patriot Act Exempts Many Jewelers

4/03: Front Line on Terrorism

Socially-conscious consumers

4/05: Diamond Benefits for Africa

2/05: Corporate Responsibility Counts, Especially to Gen Y

10/04: Branding with a Conscience

11/03: Luxury Consumers Embrace Responsible Buying


3/02: The Lessons of Tanzanite

1/02: Sales of Sierra Leone Diamonds Linked to al Qaeda

1/02: Tanzanite Linked to al Qaeda

Undercarating of diamonds

1/05: JVC Uncovers Undercarating

Underkarating of gold

10/02: JVC Aids in Underkarating Probe in NJ

2/02: JVC Uncovers Underkarating in New York

3/99: JVC Puts Teeth in Stamping Act

3/99: Stamping Act Basics

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