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Bring on the Baubles

Being hip means wearing more jewelry. That's what February InStyle told young woman who wrote in to say she liked her conservative suits, but wanted to jazz them up a bit. Besides wearing colorful blouses, the magazine advised notching up the heat with a big silver pendant or dangling earrings, two styles much on the scene today.

March Elle's spring fashion coverage went a step further in noting that the biggest fashion look was lots of "baubles, belts and beads" to complement's spring's feminine clothes. "Opulence and ornamentation haven't seemed this sexy in decades," it opined, and illustrated its pronouncement with a photo including ornamented stilettos, purses and lots of jewelry.

You can cite these articles to urge doubtful but fashionable female prospects to go ahead and make the leap into jewelry.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue