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Gold Bracelets

There's something quiet, seductive and beckoning about a limpid stretch of gold winding its way around a wrist, InStyle's Marion Fasel and Penny Proddow say about gold bracelets. This season's latest hit is the slinky gold bracelet, and it can add class to almost any outfit.

"It moves when you do, even more quietly than you do, and yet when the light hits those slender, intricately faceted links, it's impossible to escape their brief but brilliant flashes of soft-pedaled glamour," Fasel and Proddow say. Featured in InStyle's Fall Fashion Special Issue is an 18K gold bracelet with diamonds by H. Stern, a gold-and-silver-tone bracelet by Anne Klein, a gold electroplated herringbone bracelet by A.V. Max and an 18K gold chain with diamond solitaire set in platinum by Catherine Iskiw.

- by Julia M. Duncan