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Hip Hoops

Hoop earring have been hot for a while, and designers are taking them to the next level by adding decoration to simple gold hoops, Marion Fasel and Penny Proddow explain in August's InStyle. "These new styles start simple, strung with a few gold beads. But things get a bit fancier with hoops that drip semiprecious stones, sapphire beads, clusters of pearls and delicate curtains of mesh," Fasel and Proddow write.

These hoop earrings are sure to get attention. Fasel and Proddow tell readers, "The look is dressed up but with a fresh hip twist, making these earrings all you'll really need to transform a simple dress into a party standout." Featured in InStyle are Karim gold hoops with detachable ruby pendants, H. Stern gold beaded hoops, Laura Cardillo gold fringed hoops, Ted Muehling gold and pearl hoops and Gurhan gold and sapphire hoops.

- by Julia M. Duncan