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Turquoise and Coral

Summer is here and that means the turquoise and coral you saw at the spring buying shows is in season now. In InStyle, Marion Fasel and Penny Proddow tell consumers turquoise and coral are "the height of summertime chic" and "the perfect complements to tanned skin."

Featured in the magazine are designs with shaped, shiny and richly colored gems rather than chunky, uncut stones. The result is earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are delicate, simple and slightly exotic. Fasel and Proddow show off a necklace by Ippolita Rostagno, a gold and coral bracelet by Me & Ro, a gold and turquoise necklace by Yossi Harari and diamond, turquoise and pearl earrings by Cathy Waterman.

This summer, InStyle suggests pairing turquoise and coral jewelry with flirtatious, of-the-moment chiffons or use them to add a touch of color to a white dress.

- by Julia M. Duncan