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Wide Watchbands

The wide watchbands of the '70s are back, but now they are sleeker and more sophisticated in such fashionable hues as burgundy, red and ocher, Marion Fasel and Penny Proddow tell readers in October's InStyle. Fasel and Proddow suggest that those who prefer simple looks choose a plain leather band with topstitching, and those who opt for a more dressy style should look for more luxurious watches with diamonds or lizard skin.

Featured in October's InStyle is an ocher stitched leather cuff watch with a gold case by Gucci, an Omega leather-cuff quartz watch with a steel case and diamond bezel, a Guess watch with a brass case, a leather cuff watch with a silver face by Coach, a gold-plated red lizard cuff watch by Hermes and a DKNY leather cuff watch.

- by Julia M. Duncan