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Chain Revival

It's official. Chains are back in fashion, says April Vogue, which featured jewelers Tom Binns and Desi Santiago. These two jewelers have close ties to the fashion world and make intricate designs favored by fashion houses these days. The chain category has been dormant since its last period in the spotlight during the '70s and '80s and, says Vogue. The revival ties in with the new interest in yellow gold, opulence and accessorizing.

Fine jewelry designers will no doubt tone down the over-the-top styles shown here, but certain themes can be recreated in more conservative fashion. Netted and mesh-like styles are already popular, and Vogue says charms, beads, religious symbols and other talismans will also decorate the chicest chains this year.

But the return to chain may also spur interest in the whole category, so even the simplest styles should be popular this year. Look for the latest looks at the summer trade shows.

- by Peggy Jo Donahue