Site Review | Professional Jeweler

June 1, 1998

Jewelers who deal in colored stones will find the GemData Spectrum Network both interesting and helpful.

The site is sponsored by Mine Design, a long-time AGTA member located in Clarence, NY, and marketer of colored stones. On a page featuring the AGTA Gemstone Enhancement Manual, owner Lance A. Kanaby says he "has copied this manual to the World Wide Web so others in the jewelry industry and the general public may have access to this information."

The site features a monthly gemstone quiz, a good test of knowledge. The one drawback is that the quizzes are not updated regularly; the last posting was September 1997.

There's also a section for the consumer entitled "How to Select Gemstones." In addition to color, clarity, carat weight and cut, the author lists his own fifth C, "confidence," and enumerates the types of questions consumers should ask to gain trust in their jewelers.

Other sections include a calendar of gemstone-related events; the FTC Guidelines regarding disclosure for diamonds and colored stones; and reviews for gem-related software.

One interesting addition is a stolen goods hotline. The listing shown on the site is outdated, but it obviously depends on input from sales representatives or store owners who have sustained robberies. This could be an excellent method of recovering stolen goods.

In fact, aside from the paid links advertising goods and services, some of the content on GemData depends on free postings by industry members. There's room for growth depending on industry participation.

- by Jack Heeger and Stacey King