Site Review | Professional Jeweler

August 17, 1998
Seidlers Jewelers

Seidlers Jewelers' Web site is held up in the tech realm as one of the most successful e-commerce sites on the World Wide Web. Drawing 12,000 visitors a day, the site is fully equipped with order and credit card transaction processing.

Unlike many jewelry retail sites on the Web, Seidlers is a full-blooded jewelry store, with three upscale locations in the Boston, MA, area. Although customers are now free to shop without ever speaking to a store sales rep, Seidlers has personalized the on-line shopping experience somewhat with a fast, instant registration process and recognition of a customer's shopping history and demographic profile. Other features:

  • Users can print a Web gift certificate, good for a 5% discount off purchases on-line, by phone or in the store. This is a good way for Seidlers to track who's looking at the Web site.
  • Customers can browse a link of product descriptions at the left or scroll through a slide show of varieties at the right. They can also use the search engine to find the product they're seeking.
  • Like most e-commerce sites, uses the "shopping basket," method of keeping track of orders. Customers can see a list of other products they've bought in the past. When the time comes to "check out," a new browser window appears with a secured form, already completed with the customer's name and address information.
  • Seidlers is a member of Mastercard's Shop Smart program, which offers a 5% discount if customers use their Mastercards for their purchases.
To set up the site, Seidlers recruited C-Systems, a developer of e-commerce Web sites. The company uses Microsoft's Commerce technology to process orders and keep the site secure. According to C-Systems, customers "can be assured that their purchase of an $85 Lalique Fish is as secure as the $60,000 Black South Sea Pearl and Diamond Necklace."

Technically speaking: The site relies heavily on frames - four different frames, to be exact. It also employs Javascripts, animated GIFs and graphics, which load quickly but may suck a lot of memory from your computer; beware of crashing browser software.

- by Stacey King