Site Review | Professional Jeweler

December 7, 1998
Henry Jordan, the Jeweler

Henry Jordan, a bench jeweler in Daytona Beach, FL, has created an unusual and entertaining Web site that combines his jewelry repair and manufacturing business with his love of the Internet.

Jordan has some 200 pages on his site and four to six hours per day keeping it up and surfing the Internet. "During the day I'm a professional jeweler, at night I write web pages," he says in his introduction. "I've been repairing and making gold jewelry for 20+ years." You can watch him at work with "the world's first Jeweler Live Cam," a Web cam mounted at his bench that refreshes the picture every 15 seconds. (When the store is closed, he sticks a sign in front of the camera that says a sign appears saying "The Jeweler is not here.") Viewers can e-mail Jordan for a "hello message" from the cam or, if he's not around, take a prerecorded cam tour of his studio and work.

The jewelry portion of his site explains his background: "My fingers are dirty. When someone tells me they are a jeweler, I look at their fingers to tell if they are a bench jeweler or a jewelry salesperson." Users get to know him professionally and personally with photos of pieces he made, a list of all the jewelry he wears, names and comments from other bench jewelers and casters, and links to jewelry-related sites.

Jordan is a motorcycle fan and has established Web sites for two major cycle events in Daytona Beach, plus a site he calls the largest collection of Harley-Davidson links on the Internet. He offers a page of hints for optimal use of the Internet, as well as a list of cool sites and links.

At the top of his home page you'll see a button warning "Do not push this button." Push it. It's great for a laugh, especially as you're heading into the busy holiday season.

- by Jack Heeger