Site Review | Professional Jeweler

February 15, 1999
The Amber Lady

Nobody disputes she's the Amber Lady – if you're hungry to study insects in fossilized tree sap, the Web site of this Baltimore-based retailer and collector is the place to do it.

Leslie Miller Schwing of the AmberLady Inc. sells designer amber jewelry (necklaces, rings and the like) but also offers collectible pieces for rockhounds of all ages – from $5 "kids' samples" to collectors' specimens with scorpions or large moths trapped inside. She offers educational packs for classrooms and has put together an artistic-looking pamphlet, which she publishes on-line.

The fun part of the site is the thorough collection of links to on-line exhibitions at museums, scientific articles, insect classification databases and a Listserv dedicated to the study of amber. There are also tons of pictures, colorful and fast-loading; some of the images change on mouseovers on the home page.

- by Stacey King