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May 17, 1999
Closeout Jewelry Newsletter

The Closeout Jewelry Newsletter is an example of a legitimate and clever way to use technology for promoting a business. Instead of spamming (sending unsolicited promotional e-mails), the company asks you to sign up to receive its notices of closeout deals, which it offers only to the jewelry trade.

Here's how it works: once you sign up for the list, you receive weekly e-mails announcing new deals for products the company has received. You can then visit the Web site to see pictures of the goods and get the prices, which are generally advertised as 25% below the listed wholesale price. The listings also include the number of pieces available. Products are listed by the dates they were advertised, and also by product category. The company also offers gold chain by the gram and continuously stocked items such as white gold stud earrings.

To make a purchase, you fill out an e-mail order form, indicating the type of payment you plan to make, and a representative from the company will contact you by phone for your credit card number and other information. (This is not a secure site, so don't send credit card numbers using this form.)

Technically Speaking: The site is very basic, going for functionality rather than design, and it's not restricted to the public, although it emphasizes that it's a trade-only site in all of its mailings and on its home page. If you're a retailer always on the lookout for deals, it may be worth stopping by the site and signing up for the mailing list.

- by Stacey King