Site Review | Professional Jeweler

June 7, 1999
Revere Academy

Whether you're a student or prospective student of the Revere Academy in San Francisco, CA, or a bench jeweler looking for information, you may find this jewelry design school's site a useful resource.

The site serves two purposes. It's promotional, welcoming prospective students with descriptions of its programs and services. The site plays up its location, in downtown San Francisco, and provides professional biographies of its faculty and testimonials by former students. A lovely 10-minute video, which can be played using Real Player (free software available for download here), interviews students and faculty, including owner Alan Revere, and states the purpose of the school's instruction to stress technical know-how over creativity when a student first begins designing jewelry.

The site is also informational for students. Included are an in-depth catalog and student manual, providing much more information than fits in the print catalog. Here students can find a calendar and detailed descriptions of classes, lists of tools required for each class and their costs, office and class hours, safety and conduct rules, and information about certification and diplomas.

Though it's still under construction, the site will eventually feature a "Tip of the Week" for bench jewelers.

Technically speaking: The design is extremely simple for accessibility. The site could use a site map because some of the links to important information are found only on secondary pages.

- by Stacey King