Site Review | Professional Jeweler

July 5, 1999
Treasures by R.J.

The Web site of Treasures by R.J., a Fair Oaks, CA, diamond broker, is loaded with information everything consumers might want to know about diamonds and then some. Proprietors Robin and Todd Gray obviously spent considerable time and effort creating the site. They offer their information in an entertaining, interesting and very understandable manner.

Their explanation of the 4Cs is extremely detailed. They explain how to inspect a diamond, how to hold tweezers (even how diamond tweezers differ from those used to pluck eyebrows) and how to use a loupe. The site tells how to look for recut diamonds and warns consumers that before buying a diamond from any source, they should check with the Jewelers Vigilance Committee to see if any complaints have been filed against it.

The site even discusses the Rap sheet, and its role for the jeweler. This section explains that when retailers talk about 10% below Rap, the consumer should understand the difference is in the cut. It shows two diamonds from the companys inventory, nearly identical in weight, color and clarity but $1,700 apart in price, then shows the certificates to explain the price difference. Humor is sprinkled throughout the site, such as explaining how a diamond can slip out of tweezers: If you do shoot a diamond across the room, dont panic, just find it.

Technically speaking: Much of the site is a black background with white type, making it hard on the eyes. Some type is blue on black background, also difficult to read.

- by Jack Heeger