Site Review | Professional Jeweler

November 15, 1999
Paul Klecka Paul Klecka

Designer Paul Klecka's promotional Web site is a lot like his jewelry – spare yet substantial, with a modern-looking design and navigational structure that's a departure from the mainstream.

A black screen accentuated by moody whites, grays and violets surround an inner frame of colorful images featuring Klecka's designs. Each frame of descriptions and pictures scrolls from left to right, like a movie reel, rather than up and down, as with most Web pages. Breathy, mysterious category names ("Signatures," "Convergence" and "Evolution," for instance) introduce information about Klecka's Diamond Floater® jewelry, necklaces, men's designs and jewelry collections.

A section called "Graffiti" allows you to add thoughts and ideas to a bulletin board. (The page suggests consumers write about how they proposed or discuss their favorite pieces). You also can search for retailers who carry Paul Klecka's designs, join a mailing list to learn about in-store events and new designs, and fill out the form to contact the company for information.

- by Stacey King