Site Review | Professional Jeweler

April 17, 2000
Neshama Neshama

Neshama's site is a good example of what you get when an artist designs a Web site – big bold graphics and six images of jewelry, but not much else. For the right audience, thought, it might be enough.

In this case, the artist is Avara Yaron, whose specialty is chunky 22k gold and colored gemstone pieces that look as if they were discovered wrapped in King Tut's burial linens. New arrivals at the home page of Yaron's Neshama Co. have just four choices. After viewing an image of a Yaron necklace, they can:

  • Read Yaron's "Artist Statement," a few paragraphs in which the artist explains his preference for designing in 22k gold and reveals he's only designed jewelry for two years. Previously he was a painter.
  • Take a brief tour of Yaron's jewelry.The tour is brief because it offers only six items. The graphics are large, clear and load quickly.
  • View a list of upcoming trade shows at which Yaron is scheduled to exhibit.
  • Contact the company for more information by filling out a form.
However, the tour offers no information about the pieces. After the last item, visitors are delivered to the information request form. There are no descriptions about the designs or the gemstones included in them nor clues about what the items cost. Needless to say, there's no e-commerce going on here, just window shopping opportunities for those who heard of Yaron and took a moment to check out what he can do.

- by Mark E. Dixon