Site Review | Professional Jeweler

May 8, 2000

What's better for doing e-business? A Web site that aims to do one thing – just one – better than anyone else? Or one that covers the proverbial waterfront?

Both strategies probably have their places, but 4YOUDEAR.COM's new site definitely leans to the "We've got that!" approach.

The homepage invites visitors to conduct a keyword search for items, such as pendants, bangles, picnic backpacks, pens, desktop sets, babyshoe charms, cuff links, just to name a few.

You also can search through categories that include recipients (men, women, children, friends and colleagues), purpose (romantic affairs, special events, home, office), baubles (men's jewelry, women's jewelry, children's jewelry), gifts (adults, children) and "more."

Based in Encino, CA, 4YOUDEAR.COM is the latest venture of Zadok Jewelers, Houston, TX. Owner Ofri Zadok-Weinberg touts her experience and her family's six generations of master jewelers and goldsmiths and silversmiths "who catered to royalty" and did business on the grounds of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

The company designed the site for the shopper who wants to say "Look what I've got for you, dear," with quality gift items on a site that is easy to use.

The site is thin on graphics. The homepage offers primarily a search engine, a list of 14 interest areas (above) and a timely promotion. Last week, the subject was Mother's Day, with visitors being offered a free address and poetry book if they were among the first 30 customers to spend $100 or more.

There are also the usual links: information about the company, policies and a newsletter whose April issue included arcana about the manufacture of gold jewelry.

Oh, and about that children's jewelry. Mostly it's modestly priced starter baubles in the $50 area. Among the more expensive items: a 13-inch necklace of pearls and 14k gold beads for $86 to "give her her first taste of elegance."

- by Mark E. Dixon