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August 7, 2000 Diamond Review

For many people, a diamond engagement ring is one of the most important items they purchase, and the more information they find to help them, the better off they are. The Web offers a variety of resources for diamond shoppers, and is one site every first-time diamond buyer should visit.

Diamond Review is a new consumer information site where diamond shoppers can find advice and information about selecting a diamond, finding a jeweler, making the purchase and caring for the diamond. The biggest part of Diamond Review is its tutorials. Its diamond guide covers the 4Cs, and its in-depth explanation of diamond cuts and helpful tips make this guide stand out from others on the Web. After reading the diamond education tutorial, a user can move on to the negotiation section. It explains how to prepare for buying a diamond, suggests shoppers set a price limit and gives tips on how to close the sale. Other tutorials include "How To Clean Your Ring" and "Selecting a Ring Style."

Along with educating customers, Diamond Review offers a variety of helpful services. The "Find a Jeweler" section allows users to browse through the databases of local and Internet jewelers or search by keyword. Results for the local jeweler search include the jewelers' names, addresses, distances from selected city and any reviews users have posted about the jewelers. The Internet jeweler search brings back Web links with a short description of each site as well as any reviews submitted by users. At this time, very few sites have been reviewed. And good news for jewelers, if you can't find your store in their database, you can add it by sending e-mail to the address listed on the main page.

Message boards are another service offered to users at Diamond Review. There are boards for diamond jewelry, jewelry classifieds and purchase experience, but the only one with many postings is the board for diamond jewelry.

Diamond Review also has a shopping section where users can purchase jewelry books from and flowers from In the near future, Diamond Review plans to offer an insurance shopping section. In addition, there is a section on marriage proposals with submitted stories, a glossary of terms, a diamond price database and a section which compares purchasing a diamond from retail, wholesale and Internet sources. Overall the site has a clean appearance and is easy to navigate. Diamond shoppers can find many helpful resources here.

- by Julia M. Duncan