Site Review | Professional Jeweler

October 24, 2000 has has a varied selection, and unlike many online jewelry stores, it has something for almost anyone. From fine jewelry to lower-priced designer jewelry, men's jewelry and even estate jewelry, Denmans has it all. The site uses a simple navigation bar at the top of every page, allowing users to jump to any of Denman's product categories, which include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, pendants, pins, designers, engagement gallery, men's showcase, the classics, estate and diamonds & gems.

When entering the site's main page, users are greeted with magazine-like cover lines screaming "Red Alert! Hot Fall Accessories" and "Sensational Sapphires" to intrigue customers to click into the online store. Inside the store, there is a comforting uniformity to product sections. Each section has a drop menu that links to the subsections, more featured products and sometimes a box of random information relating to the products in the section or links to relevant information guides.

When users browse through Denmans, products appear on the page six at a time. Three products are shown on the left and right sides along with the suggested retail price and Denmans price for each. A large image of one product is shown in the center of the page. Users can click on any of the six products to see a larger image appear in the center, and then customers click on the large image to find out more about the product or add it to their shopping bags. If users don't want to browse through product categories, they can do a keyword search. Initial searches aren't completely accurate, but searches can be refined for better results.

The site also features a "luxury for less" section where users can find jewelry similar to expensive designer jewelry but for a lower price. For shoppers with questions, Denmans provides a large education section with information on stones, metals and style. The "fashion report" section gives information on the latest jewelry trends with links to relevant products. Even customer service information is prominent throughout the site. A button stating the free shipping policy links to all shipping information with more links to other policies.

It's easy to shop at Denmans. Customers are given good quality images of the products and educational information on everything from estate jewelry periods to gemstone enhancement. The uniformity of the sections makes it simple for customers to navigate the site and find what they want. If customers have any questions or problems, they can e-mail or call Denmans customer service.

- by Julia M. Duncan