Site Review | Professional Jeweler

November 29, 2000
Billig Jewelers

Shoppers looking for one-of-a-kind diamond and gemstone jewelry will be pleased with Billig Jewelers' simple and efficient e-store. Created not as a separate business, but as a vehicle for business, offers customers jewelry available nowhere else in the world, not even at Billig's retail stores.

Navigating the e-store is simple, and users can choose to use the Flash or HTML version. Once inside the store, the navigation bar on the left allows customers to browse by category or price range, search or read about the store's various services and policies. The blue bar on the right side has a box for users to sign up for e-mailings and a neat feature that shows what the user has in the shopping cart. Shoppers can update their shopping carts, remove items and check out by using this feature from any page in the site.

When browsing the categories or price ranges, products are listed with a name, small image and price. The individual product pages show a large image of the item along with a description and price, and shoppers are even alerted whether or not the item is in stock.

The services and policies section of the site is full of useful information, including details about shipping – free insured FedEx second-day shipping on all purchases – warranties, returns and the 4Cs. However, on some browsers, the text on these pages is yellow and the background is white, making the text unreadable. This is easily remedied by highlighting the text with the mouse, but it's not possible to do this on all pages. Despite that small text problem, the site is easy to use and mostly hassle free – a big plus for rushed holiday shoppers.

- by Julia M. Duncan